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Hygiene & Infection control are given our highest priority

A key objective of our strategy is to introduce a clean culture throughout the whole hospital’s system & it is a key management responsibility to ensure hygiene & infection control issues, together with cleanliness.

Entrusted with the task of your housekeeping services, SABCO® professional cleaning team will henceforth take full responsibility of your premises and ensure to employ our best efforts in meeting your requirements.We fulfill your housekeeping department necessities by attaining the ISO certification standards and running work flow over the accreditation settled by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.


Some of our clients:

  1. Al-Iman Hospital
  2. Ain WZein Medical Village (since 1992)
  3. Al-Watani Hospital (since 1999)
  4. Rashaya Governmental Hospital
  5. Baakline Medical Center (since 2001)
  6. Irfan Medical Center (since 2010)
  7. Khoury General Hospital  (since 2016)