Floor Descaling, Polishing, & Wax

SABCO® provides different services for all floor types (VCT, Vinyl, Asphalt tile, Terrazzo, Marble, Natural Stone, Concrete Staining etc..).


Our products, advanced equipment, & methods all works together to take a special care of your floor regardless of its type. Whether it is concrete, grout, or painting stains, our professional team promises a shiny & clean floor even better than before.


Floor scratches provides the perfect environment for germs & bacteria to live, and dirt to hid; leaving your home overview dim & dull. Here comes our pro team to polish your floor and leave your house astonishingly clean & spectacularly glossy.

Why WAX?

Wax is used to seal & protect your beautiful floor without having a dangerously slick surface. Waxing is made of a base coat, intended to seal the floor so it can’t get stains or get dirt ground in, and then there’s a top coat used for polishing and preserving the finish of floors.