Cleanliness and infection control are closely linked in the public mind. However, there are important distinctions to be made; whilst cleanliness contributes to infection control, preventing infections requires more than simple cleanliness.

Founded in 1992, Sabco®, being aware of the importance of infection control, utilizes the latest technology and the top cleaning materials to achieve the highest international standards of performance.

Our highly trained and well qualified environmental service team plays a major role in infection control program as well as ensuring a wide clean healthy environment.

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  • Banks, Residential & Commercial Buildings

    Banks, Residential & Commercial Buildings

    SABCO® General Services is proud to provide you the support & assistance required. As the recognition toward the importance of housekeeping increases among industrial society, it is our duty to upgrade your company’s housekeeping requirements to the industrial standards. We have a vast interest in your success, as our business depends on yours. At SABCO®,…

  • Universities & Schools

    Universities & Schools

    Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. As like as schooling is a necessity for students, cleaning and safe environment is a must. For we, at SABCO®, believe that a good health is conducive to the productivity & the quality of our surrounding, we strive to provide excellent cleaning services to satisfy the challenging needs of your students,…

  • Hotels & Resorts

    Hotels & Resorts

    When summer vibes are on the atmosphere, Hotels & Resorts the perfect place to run away for a relaxing time. However, cleaning & tidiness are the most important aspect while your stay in any hotel or resort. SABCO® professional team, offers you a deep cleaning covering all areas & details. We pay special attention to details, leaving…

  • Hospitals & Medical Centers (Specialized)

    Hospitals & Medical Centers (Specialized)

    Hygiene & Infection control are given our highest priority A key objective of our strategy is to introduce a clean culture throughout the whole hospital’s system & it is a key management responsibility to ensure hygiene & infection control issues, together with cleanliness. Entrusted with the task of your housekeeping services, SABCO® professional cleaning team…

For More info | +961 3 678 336 | +961 3 701 966